Friday, January 8, 2010

Smell of Oranges.

Don't mess with Iowa. 

Ah, Yes. Iowa won the ORANGE Bowl. It was a beautiful thing. My brother, JP, is a HUGE fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes. He bought T* this onesie seen in the picture. He loves seeing Tristan in the Iowa colors. (not that Z* cares for it much, he is from Ohio... so BUCKEYES all the wayyy!) So, I guess you could tell me that I should be taking pictures of T* with Roses AND oranges. :) Aw... the smell of victory! 

Warning: You are about to witness a SNAP HAPPY mom taking pictures of her MOST ADORABLE son, T*. :)

Yep. Here they are....

He is soooo precious...

He loves his Auntie Britta. 

Nickname: Chief Big cheeks

Still teething... *sigh.... :) 

Have an effortless Friday, I know I am. 

Chinese for lunch.. MMMMMMM. My man is good to me. :) 



  1. Sounds like you are a Buckeye/Hawkeye divided house like we are :) Mark is a very avid Buckeye fan, so it makes for interesting games when they play each other!

  2. Oh my. Your little man is ADORABLE! Great pics! Stephanie


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