There are a few items in my life that I tend to pay more attention to than others.

Example A: My bag.
 I think every woman needs a good bag in her life. You can look at any woman walking down the street and tell a lot about her by the bag she is holding. 

I wasn't able to find a new replacement for my old bag, until I saw this beauty at a Craft Show. Yes, It caught my eye right away. But could it past my Purchase bag test?
1. Put it on my shoulder without using both arms to do so. [check]
2. Will it fit all my treasures in there? [check]
3. is it durable? [check] 

 I have had it for over a month now and I am still obsessing about it. [hence the blog]

What is inside my bag?

I've got my EVERYDAY needs in this bag. I carry my Bible around everywhere because it is my source of strength.
I read my devotional every morning[God Calling] seen on top of my black Bible.  (bunny trail- any woman that is looking for a KNOCK YOUR FACE OFF devotional-BUY THIS NOW! )  

My planner is below my Bible[filling in dates fast for my next photo sessions with people! woo!]

The hot PINK organizer is full of 3x5 cards that have Scriptures written on them. If anyone of my friends needs a Scripture I have filed them by Categories[Sovereign, Trust, Love, Peace, Joy, Trials,etc.] I hand my friend that 3x5 card & hope it is a blessing to them as it was to me.  (I have another organizer full-the pink one is just my favorite! It is addicting!)

You can't see my MAGNIFICENT wallet in the other picture, so here is a better picture!
the BRIGHT mustard yellow color up top---- is my wallet! What a beauty!

I have my lip gloss to make me feel pretty, my chap-stick to keep my lips soft, my mirror to help me keep my crazy self in check, my Burt's Bees hand sanitizer to make me feel clean & my AE sunglasses to make me feel GLAMOROUS.

I don't go anywhere without my ipod touch, Nettie or my cell phone, Charity.

This is what is inside my bag. :) My beautiful treasures. 

What's in your bag? 

Do as I did. Take a picture of your purse & your treasures right now and tell your blogger friends about it!! Don't be ashamed! I did some "bottom of the bag" cleaning while I did this. I found some change, gum wrappers, a broken pen.... it's amazing how you will feel FREE of an UNCLUTTERED purse! Bring PURPOSE back to your purse.
Let me know when you do it, so I can come and see!


  1. my bag....
    The only one I use is a diaper bag. It's cute! but I don't carry anything but diapers, wipes, and a very small wallet. Sigh, I can't wait till I can chuck that thing!

    Great purse! I love how you carry your bible with you for strength. You are so organized!


  2. Beka,
    You have always been our little bag lady.

  3. I LOVE this post and love peeking inside of other peoples purses. Im a big believer in BIG bags. I have everything and the kitchen sink in mine

  4. Cute bag! I did a bag dump post a while back, and had to share my lipstick love -- I think I had 6-8 tubes in my makeup kit. So that led me to show the 20-something tubes I had altogether. I may have a problem...

  5. I love the bag idea!! Your bad is super cute! You have great style my friend!!


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