Bachelor Jake.

I am pretty sure that "The Bachelor" has hit an ALL-TIME too much CHEESE for me on this season.

Jake: "Looking for his co-pilot for life."
"On the wings of love"

Here are some notes my sisters and I put down:

I was laughing so hard at the girl that was hiding a PEACOCK FEATHER behind her back. Was she REALLY trying to hide that? I don't even know her real name because the rest of the night she became "Peacock girl."

Who was the girl that put dirt in his hand and rubbed it in? It took me back to Ty's Season with that girls family that buried the BIRD.   COO-COO! 

So in 1 hour & 15 minutes--- WE had 3 girls trip & 1 major rip.  THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AWESOME SEASON FOR LAUGHS! 

10 things about Tenley.

 No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

I am not a fan of her. She got the "1st kiss" by THROWING herself on him & usually the girls that cry the 1st night have A LOT of hang-ups and NEEDS that just cannot be met by 1 man. EEEK!

1st impression- Gorgeous eyes.
Last impression-GET HER OUTTA THERE!

Seriously? Did anyone else see a sign over her head the whole night that read, "DESPERATE! CRAZY PERSON! 
Producers DREAM!" 
They are just keeping her around to keep the drama and viewers up....

Alright. Did anyone else think this girl looked like she was about to BURST into tears or throw up the whole night? She looked incredibly nervous and just about every time she talked it was like her eyes didn't know where to look & her face was trying to get away.... I don't know... I will be watching her....

Jury is still out on her....
She is beautiful. (but aren't all these women?) 
She looks very pleasant. Doesn't she? 
I am wondering if there is some inner cat in there (or puma as Jillian & Ed say)  ready to unleash on the other girls... we shall see...

My pick!
I picked her out from the 25 Bachelorettes on I liked her right when I saw the picture and I wanted to be sure she wasn't some WEIRDO girl, like PEACOCK girl, when she walked out of the limo. She wasn't. She has not disappointed me yet. In the up-coming previews they did say, "Elizabeth has  a lot of secrets!" I wonder if she is the one that leaves? OR is she the one that is seeing someone else? It sounds like a copy of last season, hmm? 
Anyone else?

 I think her standing next to Jake would be like Barbie & Ken match.

Elizabeth from Nebraska--A Nanny.
She has my vote! Lets just end the show now... I have found the winner!

#1 Upset of the Night.

Jake letting Emily go. How sad.

My sisters and I liked her RIGHT away. She wore the most beautiful green dress. We were all coveting it. 

SIGH* Oh well... 

Alright, Ya'll! This is going to be a GOOD season. 
A little Recap:
peacaock feathers
ripped dress
too much booze
Halloween Costume
landing strip(i wanted to take her and throw her in the pool)

Any other thoughts on last nights show? Highlights? Low points? Let me know!



  1. Oh my word, you aren't kidding about how CHEESY this was! I think it gets worse every season, but I still watch it anyway :) I agree with all your picks! Michelle is obviously psyco! I actually kinda like Ali, and of course Elizabeth is an easy winner... I was sad about Emily, I thought for sure he would pick her, and I also loved her green dress... Well, we'll see, it looks like there's a lot of drama coming up!
    PS: how do you feel about Jake and the motorcycle :) Don't you think they are just trying to hard to toughen up his "nice guy" image! HAHA

  2. Ok...the Bachelor (the show...not the man) stalker over here did some research. AND, I checked out my good friend REALITYSTEVE.COM about last night's show. He's always good for a laugh. THEN, I read Chris Harrison's blog...(I told ya...stalker=Me!) and he said that Jake didn't like that cycle...but they made him do it! He just seemed so awkward the WHOLE NIGHT!
    Chris also said that the girl that tripped...into Jake's arms did it on purpose. Huh...
    I think they all tried too hard and pushed themselves to get his attention. I am sad that the girl in the green dress went home. I liked her LOTS!!! Can't wait until next week!

  3. ROFL.... I agree with all 100%
    Keep up the commentary. I will return next week to see YOUR recap

  4. oh too funny...thanks for the run down I missed the show last night!

  5. @ Marci---> YES! I completely agree with you. I bet that isn't his motorcycle. AND also.. when did he get those rock abs? I think he worked out in his "off season".......

    @ Rachel--> i did the SAME THING! LOL! I love he is quite hilarious, but at times's the word, CRUDE? Maybe?

    @ GapGirl. ;) Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I hope you will come back for the recap.

    @Just Me--> This season looks pretty HILARIOUS. These girls are quite the Pumas.... :)

  6. Ugh, I can't even bring myself to watch that show, but this post is cracking me up!

  7. You re-capped the show perfect! You had me laughing and remembering and rolling my eyes at all the weirdos comments, remarks, desperation, etc!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to visiting yours some more!



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