Bachelor Jake. Part 3.

Michelle. Is. Gone.

Vienne scores a 1-1 with Jake.

What is every girls dream to do on their first date?
Oh. yes. bungy jump to their death!!!
This was the most hilarious part of the night.
Vienne looked sickly scared, but Jake looked like he was about to soil himself!

Well, They jump & then the are upside down, face to face----stomach to stomach.... Why not do a little kissing? I mean, they almost just died together! Why not?!?!

Quote of the Night by Jake: "I've never had a kiss like that in my 32 years of life!" 
I guess it is every young  mans dream to be like Spiderman.
Why not do a SPIDERMAN kiss then?

Ali, Jesse, Tenley,Elizabeth, Kathryn, Michelle, Ashleigh
(this is where my headache began)

let me just state the obvious here.

ALL of these women are getting on my nerves. 
If I had to pick right now to give it to someone....

No. One. deserves. a. rose.
not. even. jake.
send them all home!!!

Comedy Club.
Yep, you guessed it. No one was funny, but I was in SHOCK of how they all acted when they got on that stage!
Ali-Cattiness (new nickname for her. i have one every week)

aka. peacock girl/barbie

I think you now know WHY I do not like her. I called her DRAMA face out 1st episode & then again with her 1-1 date running in her bright yellow, strapless dress..... then having that CLIP IN HER HAIR..... hellooooo 1990's nice to have you back

Jesse-- aka. NERVOUS GIRL. nuff' said. she will be gone soon. He is not into her. start-a-packin.


Okay, okay, She didn't get on my nerves TOO BAD tonight, that is, until she talked. 
MINNIE MOUSE!!! But other than her HIGH PITCHED voice-- she is not that bad.... but we will see. 

Ms. Tease

(elizabeth) I am SOOO thankful Jake called her out and sent her home. She annoyed me so bad when she went back to the girls and started telling them that JAKE WANTED her to kiss him. 
pretty sure. She just lost any chance of getting hired to be a nanny ever again.
And if she does get hired, God bless & protect that family. 

Favorite quote of the night from Elizabeth: "I am vanilla! I am all different colors of the rainbow."
"I didn't know vanilla was a color in the rainbow." -From my girl, Nikki who I was texting through the whole show.
I wept with laughter when she sent that to me. 

Kathryn-- WHERE DID SHE COME FROM!??!!?!  I did think her "stand up" was the funniest. But I didn't think it was funny enough to give her a toast. COME ON, ALLI! 

Michelle-- This girl complains about not getting ANY time with him. Once she gets the group date, she gets MAD that she doesn't get the 1 on 1. I seriously would probably have to turn the channel if they gave Michelle the 1 on 1. PU---lease. Glad she is gone. 

Ashleigh-- She was completely a B-A-B-Y about getting up on the stage at the Comedy Club. Did she really think that coming on this show they were going to allow her to do whatever she wanted? If she didn't feel comfortable, she could just stay there in her seat and watch all the other girls make complete fools of themselves. Obviously, she didn't watch Jillian's season.

Ella, Eva, Ellie, whatever her name is got the last 1 on 1 date with Jake. Jake surprised her by bringing her son to Sea World with them. They don't have any chemistry. She will be leaving with Jesse soon.

I am so annoyed with this season. I am annoyed that all these girls have SOMETHING against Vienne? I am missing something..... Did they edit out her cattiness? Or Is she THAT GOOD at hiding it? Props to V, if she is.  I am fed up with Alli. I haven't liked her since she waved that peacock feather in his face. 

yes. that was her. wearing yellow again. with. the. CLIP. 

My new overly-used phrase from tonight is: "Start-a-packin." 

I came home and went straight to bed last night. These women gave me a MASSIVE headache. I took some tylenol and went to bed. 

bungy jumping.
spiderman kiss.
michelle rolling her eyes.
comedy club. 
more tears.
more alli-CATTINESS.
michelle gets asked to leave.
thanked God.
son visits.
sea world.
no chemistry.
paper airplane that was a $1.
rose ceremony.
more more more tears.
me getting tylenol.
me completely annoyed with these women.
poor jake. 

Ladies..... I don't know about you, but I am annoyed.
So glad that episode is over. 


  1. ANNOYED ANNOYED ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not impressed with any of them! Except Vienna. At least she apologized (for what still I am NOT sure for).

    HELLO ALI- miss "not a peacemaker"! Such a bad quality! At least Gia accepted her apology!


    Thanks for another great review! Wish I could be watching it with your, eating some popcorn! :-)


  2. I must say your recap is pretty much RIGHT ON my dear!!! I am right there with you...oh will this end?

  3. The best part about the bachelor is reading your blog the next day :) And I was thinking the exact same thing about that stupid clip in ali's hair, hello 90's. Good Riddance to Michelle aka crazy one!

  4. I missed it last night, but I am laughing at your post, because I only saw the end!!! Hilarious!! :) Your blog is better than the show.!

  5. WOW! That was such a GREAT recap! Well done! I just found your blog- super cute! Can't wait to read more- I'm your newest follower!

  6. beka,
    I DONT KNOW WHAT V DID EITHER, I even called my sister and was like did i miss something? I thought it was very sweet of Jake to invite Ethan to sea world amd Ashliegh needs to go! SHE IS SO ANNYOINGLY CADDY! Dusty

  7. Thanks Ladies! I am so glad you liked this recap. I didn't even want to write much, I almost deleted everything and wrote ANNOYED as my entry. These girls are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!

    Welcome, KJ! ;) Glad you have joined!!!

  8. I'm following you back -- not because I feel I *have* to, but because I *want* to. :-) Love it! And, I'm glad you post about The Bachelor, because I'm usually completely distracted when it's on, and it's nice to have a fun recap!


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