What a blessed Christmas.

I can truly say that Christmas 2009 was one of our best Christmas' ever. Zach & I went to celebrate over at my parents' house on Christmas Eve. Everyone was there except my brother & his girlfriend, Natasha. :( We are celebrating with them on the 30th. So another Christmas, how lucky can 1 girl get? Zach & I spent Christmas morning sleeping in, we had a rough night with a teething baby. We got up around 9 to open presents. Zach let me open my other "big" present the night before because he knew I would have wanted it. :) It was a video camera!!!

AHHH! I wanted one since Tristan's birth. He is growing so fast so I need to catch it on video! :) Thank you SOO much Zacharia!

Well, I took TONS of pictures which you can go to my facebook page to see the rest of them! I wanted to just share my TOP 5 pictures of Christmas!

Beka's TOP 5 pictures of Christmas 2009


"Pregnant Sister of Mine."

Rachel is due March 23, 2010! She is having a little boy, Easton Paul Nolt. When he decides to come--That is the day I become an Auntie! :) I am soooo happy that God has given Rachel & Wil a little boy. Rachel miscarried a year ago in September. It was a very sad time for our family. God knew he needed to give Tristan a buddy, so God gave Wil & Rachel-Easton! :) Tristan & Easton, no we didn't plan this. :) Isn't it CUTE?! T&E?! I think it is QUITE adorable. God is sure blessing our family for 2009. He has brought LIFE in so many ways.  In November 2008, God gave me the THEME for the year, "Bring Life." WOW. DID he ever. :)


"Daddy's in the kitchen"

My daddy is alive!! He had a kidney transplant June 2008. In June- 2008 My brother became a hero. He gave my daddy the ULTIMATE GIFT- Life. :) It was very emotional to see my daddy SO HEALTHY and cooking in the kitchen. He made us some pheasant. :) Yummy. :) It was DELICIOUS.


"Lord Have Mercy!"

Rachel & Wil got Zach a BLOW GUN!(Has little darts that you stick in and blow and KILL THINGS!) He told me it was his MOST FAVORITE present EVER in the history of his life. :) It is sitting in the corner of our house. I showed him the sticker that says,"THIS IS NOT A TOY!" I wanted him to know that he DOES have a son that will be crawling very soon. Keep that in mind. :) Anyway, Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. I'm just kidding. kinda.


Zacharia & I. This is one of my favorite pictures of us. I just might frame it. He is so beautiful. Isn't he? I mean, REALLY! That is one word that I could describe him as. BEAUTIFUL. He is so beautiful. Inside & out. He loves the Lord & strives to live the LIFE FOR & only God. He is becoming a better daddy every day & he is a GOD SEND to me in our marriage. We fit so perfectly together, it scares me. He is so much like my sister, Libby that it FREAKS me out at times. Rachel & JP were older and off to college, so that left Lib & I by ourselves. I have so many stories of Libby Lois. She is passionate, kind, tender-hearted, stubborn, STRONG, athletic, & extremely good looking. I can say all of those things about Zach as well.  I always joke around and say to Zach, "I married the male version of my sister!" : )
I hope that isn't strange to some people.... I don't mean it strange. :) It's just a very true statement.


"Best picture EVER!"

My favorite picture of Christmas 2009.  Tristan has NEVER fallen asleep with anyone else besides me & Rachel. Aunt Lois is a "child-whisperer." She just sings, rocks, bounces, dances with Tristan & HE LOVES IT! :) He fell right asleep on her lap. TOOOOOOOO CUTE! I just kept taking picture of them. I couldn't get enough!

Merry Christmas to you all! Keep the SPIRIT of Christmas alive, because AFTERALL the REASON for the SEASON is alive and living in you. :)

Before I end this note, I need to as you all---When are you taking down your decorations? I am thinking about leaving them up for a couple more weeks. WE shall see. : )



  1. ohhhhh those pictures!!!!!! Looks like the most wonderful time of the year :) Glad it was fabulous! Happy 2010!

  2. BEKA!
    Love the pics...it made me cry! We do have THE best family in the world! I can't wait to see the future! :)

  3. Beka, I love how in my what I am "stubborn" never seems to go away. hahahaha.

  4. LIb. <3 It's a good stubborn. :) I am stubborn too. Thanks for your comments ladies.


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