Thumb sucker.

Tristan has finally found his thumb. There are many people telling me this is bad. That I shouldn't let him have his thumb. Well, Have I got news for them.

1. YES! I have tried every single pacifier at Kmart, Walmart, etc. (the BPA approved ones of course!) 

2. Yes... I know that it is harder to wean a baby off of the thumb, than pacifier. I will CROSS that road when I get to it. 

3. No. I will not let my child suck his thumb when he is 3. :) Probably not even 2. (CROSSING MY FINGERS!!!!) 

Okay, Now that I have made my 3 points that are approved to say on blogger, I can be done! :) 

Is he not the cutest? 

This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken of  my precious, little, man!

I love his eyes! They look so beautiful in this photo. 

Like I have always said, "He is perfect to a 'T'.."


  1. I am happy for you that T has found his thumb...Trust me....I know what you have been through and I support his thumb-sucking habit totally! :) Plus, it's so cute and as an aunt he can do no wrong. Love ya...full support!

  2. Ha! He won't suck it forever. This is a really cute picture of him though, so it's all worth it!:)

  3. Hi Friend!! I think its great that he has found his thumb. My sweet little liv likes hers too. Personally I sucked my thumb and turned out just fine! =) AND, I love your new blog layout. So cute pictures!!

  4. i also sucked my thumb and turned out just fine! its great he can self soothe :) team thumb lol -Dusty

  5. Oh my goodness he is a doll! I love his deep dark eyes. :)


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