Swine Christmas

Christmas. My favorite season & holiday. I love EVERYTHING about this Holiday and time of year! I love going and picking out the Christmas tree. I love the BEAUTIFUL white stuff falling from the sky. I love the cheer on peoples faces. I love the MUSIC. I love the smells of Christmas. I love hot chocolate with marsh mellows. I love boots. I love my new winter coat. I love matching hats & gloves. I love turning on the lights around my house. I love looking at my beautiful/odd Christmas tree. Yes, I said odd.

This year, due to Zach getting the Swine flu & me getting the "beginning stages of the SWINAGE" we didn't get to go pick out our tree and chop it down like the old pioneer days. :( A friend of our family got us one and dropped it off at my parents house. What a blessing! I needed a little CHRISTMAS cheer to brighten up our "swine house". I was worried about Tristan getting it, so I needed to keep my mind off of us being sick and focusing on something HAPPY!

Our Christmas tree is unlike any other tree I have seen. It really is 2 trees grown together. It is a very skinny tree, but then has 10 LONG STICK OUT branches, while the other sizes are perfect for the size of the tree. It is rather odd, but it brought Zach & I so much joy. We laughed & laughed and just put up ornaments, ribbons, stars, "our 1st Christmas Together ornament", & my favorite part of our tree....... the crown of thrones at the top. I got this idea from my friend, Leslie. She saw it in a magazine. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Some people may think it is rather strange, but I think it is just a good reminder. A reminder of what Christ did for us and WHY we get to celebrate this wonderful season. I thought you would like to see the pictures of this most odd tree, so I got my camera out.

OHHHHH but wait.... my camera charger is GONE. M.I.A. So... I turn to the photo booth application on my computer. ;) Bad quality, but I hope you get the same JOY and laughter we got! ;)

Want some other pictures of our "Swine Family" ???

We decided to do some modeling with it. Have a Merry Holiday Season!

my personal favorite. HA!

Love you All! happy HOLIDAYS!


  1. LOL!! Beka, I did not know you posted this and I did the same!! WE did a kissy on just like that! lol! Oh, sisters. :) I am sure I will love your Tree!!! GET BETTER!


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