Naughty List.

Zach & I had a LOVELY double date with Brandon and Ashley ! Tristan watched Tanner run around and was just soooo entertained by him!

We walked into our house and I said to Zach, "It smells like a candle has been burning." He agreed and I went to let Gidget out of her cage.

                                                       THIS IS WHAT I FOUND!!!! 

Gidget got into a fight with a DOWN pillow and she won.

Better yet... right when ZACH was cleaning the "fluff" up the HEATER kicked in. Zach began to SCREAM "TURN OFF THE HEATER! QUICK! BEKA! BEKAAA!" I ran to turn it off and when I did, nothing happened. It was still blowing out heat. Zach ran out COVERED in WHITE FEATHERS. C-O-V-E-R-E-D!!!

I began to weep with laughter. He then told me how when the heater started blowing out heat the fathers took wind and he said- (and i quote) "It was like an IOWA WHITE OUT! It was blowing everywhere! ALL OVER THE PLACE!"

Needless to say there is white stuff everywhere...... it sucked right into the vents and went into EVERY ROOM in our house.

yes. i am  a little nervous about the "burning smell" Zach and I slept on the couch last night because I was nervous about leaving Tristan alone downstairs in case of a fire.


Well.... Gidget is now on MY Naughty List.


  1. hahahah ohhh dogs! Funny we both posted about animals today :)
    Yours funnier & Happier!


  2. Hi Beka!! I tagged you on my blog in an award :) Lovelove!

  3. love your blog! and i can totally feel your pain with this post... my husband and i have a german shepherd puppy... and i am convinced that he is worse right now than my baby daughter will EVER be as a toddler! but, way to have a good attitude! it is much better to laugh than cry!


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