I've been Tagged.... :)

My beautiful friend, Ria gave me the "Tag" award. This could only mean one thing. I have been tagged! Watch out!  I don't even know what I am about to tell you.

The point  is to share 7 things you may not know about me & then tag 7 more people.... :)


  1. When I was 2 years old, I fell out of a parked car on my head. I was okay, except for a little rock stuck into my head. My mom had to take a Q-tip and dig it out. I can still remember it to this day.... I have a dent on my head to prove it..  See it? Yep.  Zach always puts his finger in it.                            

2. I am not a "true" blonde. I was until about the age of twelve. I CHOPPED(which I regret it) my hair off and all my golden locks were then gone. In the summer it does turn blonde, but the rest of the months it is an ashy blonde. (yucky!) I would share a picture, but I do not have any of them online.(Can someone say, Praise the Lord?)

3. It was a tradition in our family that every Easter we would get a rabbit. (if the previous one had died) Libby & I   L-O-V-E-D our rabbits. Libby, the tiny thing that she is had a little, cute, rabbit. My rabbit? Well, I named her "Thumper. Yes... I know. My creative juices were flowing that day. :)
One day while we were away and my Uncle Kenny, who is an amazing hunter came for a visit. It is his hobby to kill animals. Too morbid? Sorry. (For instance, he just killed a bear)  Carrying on... He came for a visit and had his hunting dog. Well, He let his hunting dog run around our yard. And then- YEP!  you guessed it, Jake, the dog, spotted thumper. Needless to say... when I got home, I went straight to feed my rabbit and saw fur all over the yard. :(  Here is a picture of Thumper.... :) I now see why Jake loved that rabbit. HE IS HUGE!!! (sidenote: we caught that rabbit. My sister Rachel's BFF- Brook caught it with her bare hands!)

4. My 16th Birthday was the worst day ever! I had surgery on my teeth(looong story) & was on medicine. I was very, very loopy. Drugs & I do NOT mix well. My dad told me I shouldn't go, but did I listen? Nope. I was almost out of the woods, swelling was down & I thought I would be able to handle it. Nope. My dad told me it was a bad idea and now I trust his every word. I forgot to put my BLINKER on coming out of the PARKING LOT & I instantly failed. I didn't even make it a block. I was sobbing all the way home. Poor daddy. :(

5. I am not a picky eater. But, I have 5 things I WILL NOT eat.  I mean--- W I L L  N O T !!!! (hey! That looks like Wil Nolt, doesn't it Rachel!?) Sorry. A.D.D. kicking in! :)  5 things- Beats, coconut, water chestnuts, lemon/banana pie, cabbage.

6.  I could listen to oldies all day. My favorite oldies singer? Doris Day. I wanted to be just like her when I was younger. I actually got the idea for my wedding dress from her movie, "Calamity Jane." Which I  proudly own. :)  I have many movies with her starring in them. :) I am a BIG fan.

7. When I was in High School, I knew a boy named Brian Fox. He was a couple years younger than me, and I always told him that I could marry him for his last name. I always said to him, "Beka Fox has a good ring to it." Little did I know that BEKA FOX was going to be my name 6 years later. :)

I now tag these friends:

1. Rachel @ Too far to look back
2. Emily @ the art of living
3. Libby @ truly His
4. Meghan @ becoming a mother
5. Dixie @ From the Heart of Dixie
6. Luci @ Child of the King
7. Ruth Ann @ Chasing Fireflies


Here are the rules if you have been tagged.
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  1. Beka! I would LOVE to help you :) So fun to read about you!! Yay! Thanks for sharing & joining the fun...

    Here's the deal - I ABSOLUTELY want to help you "beautify" your blog

    Quick Tip #1 - To "hyperlink" names when you tag them (like on mine, so when people click on Beka & it brings them to your site...) When you are composing your blog entry there is a little world-looking button [next to the text/color button]. This is the "hyperlink".
    1.You will highlight the word you want linked
    2. Click the world/link button
    3. Enter their blog or whatever website. *keep the http:// in there!*

    Does that make sense?

    I am excited to get a Christmas card from your cute family!!! We LOVE mail.

    ANDDDDD I WANT TO TAKE TRISTANS PICS! Youuu are a photographer too :) :) Let's plan a weekend for me to come to Iowa! [one when Lib is there!]


  2. LOVE THEM!!! I'm thinking up mine!


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