Monday, December 28, 2009

"It's Your Love!"

Well, It is the Monday after Christmas. Do you know what that means? 

 Cleaning & Reorganizing! 

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?!?!  

What is on my song list while I am cleaning?? ---Hillsong's new project, of course! Faith + Hope + Love.   You need to go to itunes and download it now! It is another goodie!!! 

I am "yelling" ( Tristan is sleeping, so now too loud!) ....... this song.... claiming it over my life, my sons life, my husbands life, my trials, my today, my tomorrows, my MIND!!!! AHHH! I can't get enough of it. :)


It’s Your love 
It’s Your love
It’s Your love
That has saved me

It’s Your blood
It’s Your blood
It’s Your blood
That has cleaned me 

Happy Monday!


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  1. Love your Blog Beka! I am cleaning and organizing and reorganizing too....It's gotta be a Monday thang!


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