OHHH. This time of year is WONDERFUL, isn't it? You can put on as many layer as you want to hide your white skin! (oh. that's only my reason? uhhh...never mind!)  You can look out the window to see the Fresh, white SNOW on the ground & be in your nice, warm, electric blanket. The cold doesn't bother me one bit. Thanks to my electric blanket. I think I should invest in a snuggie. I wonder if they work???

I love winter. I really, really do. It's my "SEASON of HOME!" I am SUCH a home body. I L-O-V-E being home. You can be in your Pj's ALLLLL day and have HUGE socks on and no one will look at you strange.....WHY?! Because you are HOME & safe from the world of crazy people with camera phones. (who then post the picture on facebook or peopleofwalmart.com) YIKES! I wonder if the creator of PoW.com has ever shopped there? That would be an interesting fact to know.

Back to my ramblings. :) I love winter because you can be home all day and NOT one person would judge you. What can you do while you are home? Well, Let me tell you what I have done this GLORIOUS, COLD, FREEZING, SNOW PILING UP AROUND MY CAR DAY!

1. Finished my laundry! Now if ONLY I could find some place to PUT all these clothes.

2. Did the dishes.

3. Mopped the floor.

4. Baked some Chocolate Chip Cookies. MMMM. (now I have to go clean up the dishes I used to do that. ugh. never ends. )

5. Blogged & Facebook Stalked a little. :) Oh the Joys of living in Iowa for the WINTER! :)

Tristan was a BIG part of my day too! He sat in his BUMBO like a big boy & talked with me.

I need to go WRAP SOME PRESENTS! :) And order more online. AHHHH! :) It's almost CHRISTMAS!!! I need to FINISH my shopping- I am SLACKING this year.

Oh. And since I know you are all just DYING to see my socks. :)

Happy Tuesday! Zach, Tristan & I are going over to Brandon & Ashley's tonight for supper! :)

PS. I still don't have my camera charger(new one should come this week!) So these pictures were found on google.com :) Just thought I would tell the truth, since I know you all thought I took a picture of that mysterious 1950's lady mopping the floor! HA!