Ethan James Fox.

Ethan James(E.J.)--- Ethan just turned 18 on the 20th. I can't believe how time flies. For those of you that have never met Ethan, he is  Z's younger sibling(1 of 7). Ethan if very precious to my heart because a  year ago come January we brought him back to live with us. Ethan was a Junior in high school. We stole him from Ohio to come go to school at Lighthouse Academy. He was so excited when we packed up his belongings and headed to Iowa. I can remember stopping at Starbucks and getting him something to drink and thinking, "Zach and I just took in a 17 year old BOY! Can we handle him?"

Little did we know it was going to bring such JOY to our hearts to see the young man of GOD he was going to turn into. He has always had a heart for the Lord, but where he was at, where he was going to school ---- it was hindering him. He needed somewhere safe to grow closer to the Lord & someplace where people would help him and not hurt. Many people told Z  & I that we were crazy for taking him in. Besides, we were only in our 1st year of marriage!!! We knew we were suppose to do this, so off we went to......

Floyd, MY Camelot. Floyd & Lighthouse Academy has really helped Ethan be the MAN he is suppose to be. :)

Ethan has now 18. I can't believe the change I have seen in him in just 1 year. What the LORD can do in 1 year!  Thank you, Lord for Ethan. He is one special boy. Show him your ways.

Well, It is Christmas Eve-Eve! I can't believe Christmas is so close!! I have all the presents wrapped & under the tree! Zach & I will be spending Christmas Eve at my parents--- then open our presents with Tristan Christmas morning & then to his mom's house for Christmas lunch. Whew!

I was reminded today @ my friend, Ria's-- Who shared this other blog site right here. Ria had mentioned how it brought tears to her eyes, so I clicked and it brought tears to mine as well.

HOPE you enjoy! :)

Here are some pictures from my week! (I told ya I would have some. :)

Here is Vixen! She is our new puppy! EARLY Christmas present to Zach. She is the best dog I have ever had. (Sorry- Gidget!) She is very obedient. She only has 1 flaw---She stinks! She needs a B A T H! :) We will be taking her to our friend/2nd mom to me---Monica REAL soon!

Ethan turned the BIG 1-8, while Alex turned 16! :) Z & I bought them dessert pizza from Pizza Ranch. They didn't want cake. Strange.

I leave you with this little precious picture of my man- T. :) He is growing so fast. His new nickname is "Chief big cheeks" or "Shub-a-bub." I think chubby babies are the CUTEST!! He has the biggest cheeks right now. He will be 4 months on January 5th. Where has the time gone? :) He has rolled over a couple times and is starting to get his 1st set of teeth. Zach calls it "toothing" while I stick with the traditional "Teething!" :)

Be blessed this Christmas! Remember WHY we are celebrating Christmas this year. Don't get CAUGHT up in last minute shopping or cooking! Enjoy your family and friends!



  1. Aw, your tree looks so pretty! Good for you for believing in a boy that will grow up to be a Godly man!

  2. Beka! I am so proud of you for learning to link! Thanks for mentioning me - comment anytime! Don't you just LOVE this blog world :)?? You knew all about it before me! Merry Christmas darling lady! Send your family love!


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