I am so upset with myself. I have misplaced my camera charger. I am so upset because this is the most INCONVENIENT time to have misplaced it. I have looked everywhere and no luck. I am just going to break down and order a new one. AFTER ALL, it is CHRISTMAS and it is Tristan's 1st Christmas. : (



  1. BOO!
    I hate when that happens... I did that once. Ugh. Is it for your cannon?

    ps. I got a DSLR cannon too now! I would lend you mine, but were just a few miles away...

  2. I wish I lived there- I would love a book club/small group! & um.. beka.. story of my life this whole season! I cant find my battery charger anywhere- halloween... thanksgiving.... & now CHRISTMAS! It's so LAME!


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