How Blessed.

My sister, Rachel, has been updating her Facebook status' to say how Blessed she is.

GOT ME thinkin..... :)

Right now... as I type... I should be folding my basket full of laundry, but I had to share this story...

Tristan is sitting in his bouncer and is smiling and talking to his Blue Owl that is moving and hanging in front of him. HAHA! His smile makes me day brighter. When I hear him laugh he makes me SOOOOOOO happy. A happiness that I didn't know I could feel. It is full of a love that comes straight from above.

God has blessed Zach & I with this little gift. He was not necessarily planned, but we welcomed him with open arms. I have covered him in prayer. I have prayed for his future. I have prayed for his future wife. Too early? Absolutely not. My mom prayed for mine at this age and LOOK WHAT I GOT.

So... I have started to pray for Tristan's wife. That wherever she is.... She will grow into the woman of God she is needing to be for my little boy.

I am blessed beyond words. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see my little boy be healthy & happy. My husband is THEE BEST husband a girl could ask for. He is always reading God's word and challenging me in my walk with God. When I feel down, I look around and notice everything that surrounds me.

A house that we now own.
A little puppy-Gidget that loves me more than her food.
My little boy that is about to roll over.
MY WONDERFUL marriage and husband. We have our rough patches, but learning each other in new ways every day. It is an amazing ride.

I have wonderful sisterS & a manly brother. I love them with everything in me & I love their spouses (or soon-to-be spouses) . GOD has placed each sibling of mine with a LOVELY, PERFECT match.

My parents... WHERE do I start? They gave me an unshakable faith in a GOD that has proven himself faithful again and again! He has blessed me so much. They have made sooo many sacrifices for us... And in return God has blessed them tremendously! :) They are expecting their 2nd grandSON in March. ;) Tristan will have a little BUDDY!!! .... and... who knows when Libby and Isaac will announce their news. :) HAHA! LOVE IT! (just kiddin lib.... kinda... ok..not really.. LOVE YOU!)

So... It is never too early to start praying for your kids' future spouses. With a world like this.... I would start right NOW. (whoever you are.)



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