Confessions of a new mom.

Sleep, How I love Thee. It is 8:18 am. I have now been awake for 2 hours. Many of you know that I am NOT a morning person, but I do have a CONFESSION to make.

I am becoming one.

I love seeing the sun come up. I do love being in bed next to my husband when the sun comes out. It's greeting use to be filled with hate when I saw the sunshine peek through my window. Bitterness would fill my soul. Time to get up. Time to start my day.

Since Tristan has been born there is a new meaning to my mornings. It is his happiest times. He smiles, coos, rolls around, laughs, plays being shy, gives me his "cute" look, etc. etc. So, now I greet my mornings with JOY & no...I do not jump out of bed like Zach does. He JUMPS out of bed to meet this day with a smile on his face. It takes me a minute, but come in the morning hearing my sons babble.... :) I am up. I am ready. I am ready to be a mom. :)

I am trying a new sleeping schedule with Tristan and yesterday was my 1st day. WOW. My best friend, Julia has done this with all 3 of her boys and it is a "miracle" worker as she says. "IT WILL BE WORTH IT" That's what I keep telling myself. Yesterday, I put Tristan down for a nap and he fell right asleep. NOOOO crying. Then at his next nap... he cried for 40 minutes. So did I. I went in and soothed him, rocked him, sang to him, gave him his paci, so please do not feel that I let my kid SCREAM his head off for 40 minutes non stop! It was a good day yesterday. My house is so much cleaner since this whole new sleeping pattern. I would have never gotten to do this before. So... it is working... This "MIRACLE " is happening.

Anyway, I am off to finish the laundry today.
What's on my list of things to do today?

1. Post office---> Mail out bills.
2. Grocery Store----> food.
3. Bank---> deposit.
4. House---> Laundry & bedroom.

okay... thanks for letting me sort out my day. :) Hope you are having a beautiful TUESDAY!