Confessions of a new mom.

goodnight sun.
hello moon.
goodbye housework
hello crying baby
goodbye grocery shopping
hello no food
goodbye hubby
hello hungry baby
goodbye friends
hello facebook
goodbye maternity clothes
hello extra skin
goodbye bed
hello couch
goodbye typing with 1 hand
hello spelling/grammer errors

it is 5:33 a.m.
i am up. i am typing with 1 hand. facebook & blogger keep me sane. so i do not feel alone. i have been up since 1:45.
maybe this time i can go to bed? hey! the 5th times the charm, right?


  1. POOR BEKA. I'm sorry.
    One day he'll be five...and then he'll sleep. OR 15 and you won't be able to get him out of bed. SO sorry!

  2. aw beka- I love your style & I love you! & I can't wait til Tristan is 3! I love 3 yr olds! haha


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