Tattle- Tattle- Tattletale!

I am getting a little taste of what my future could look like. I have 3 boys over here today. 2 fox boys & 1 Carr boy.
They are young and FULL of Adventure!!!!

I forgot how much kids love to tattle on each other though-----> makes me irritated!

Really? You can't handle a little water in the face or some water to the back??

You are all wet---> HEAD TO TOE!

Oh bother!

Maybe I will go read a book to the boys about some other kids that Tattletale too much.

If only I knew a good book to read to them.

Okay... I better go. It is now silent.

Silence with boys makes me nervous.

Especially since Mitchel had to go to the ER to get staples in his head after his acrobatic flip gone bad yesterday--->FAIL!

Sliced his head right open.

Okay------> Here comes another tattler. Oh Joy!

Really? REALLY!?


  1. Hahahahaa!! Read that tattle book that mom read to us... something like if you tattle your tongue will be chopped off ;)

  2. Lib. where is that book?!!?!?!?!?


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