How I love Thee.

I am the Assistant Coach for my old schools Volleyball Team.

Tonight is there 1st game. It is a pre season game, but that doesn't make it any less important. Why?

It is against our rivals----> Pathway Panthers.

They were my favorite team to play because we would always play our VERY BEST against them. They beat us every time we played, but we played so good there was nothing to be ashamed of. It would go back and forth--- back and forth.

Our school is very small. When I played on the team we had 6 girls on the court and 0 on the bench. We NEVER, EVER had "subs" coming in and out. It was the 6 of us always fighting, sweating, cheering, moving, spiking, digging, serving, and working for that ball!!!!

I loved everything about it. Maybe not then, but I sure do now. I am glad that I can help out with coaching, but what I wouldn't give to go back and play on the court with those 5 other ladies. We might all be a little bigger now(marriage, body change, or babies) and a little slower on our feet, but we would have a great time.

-tHe------eLiTe 6-----

Lindsay is in California being a wife& mommy & expecting her 2nd baby in March.

Melissa is in California at an internship!

Meghan is 7 weeks pregnant!!

Lindsay C. is planning her wedding.

Libby is in Virginia @ Liberty University.

I am working at the school & expecting my little man to come on August 31. (or before or after..WHO KNOWS!)

Oh..... Volleyball..... how I love thee....

But looking back it was not Volleyball that I LOVED SO INCREDIBLY MUCH(although it is my favorite sport)

It was the girls on the court I was playing with.

One last thing I have to say before I end this blog.



  1. Really!? The PANTHERS!? Man, old school over here thought they were the STARS! :)

  2. Nope, we changed to the Panthers when I was Student Council president. Bringing about change, ladies! :) Haha... As a side note, Beka, volleyball just isn't the same anymore. Our years were the best ever!!!!!

  3. Em...I will agree it has lost a bit of something...but I DO like it better! :) I at least have my heart back. When Lib and Bek played...heart failure was lurking around.

  4. Emily is all about bringing CHANGE to Pathway. I like it. ;) Panthers was a much better choice than STARS! :)

    ALso... I COMPLETELY AGREE about Volleyball, Em. We were the ELITE teams back in the GLORY DAYS.

    last night watching pathway...... it was NOT the pathway I have come to love more and more. But.... I must say... making Kurt upset STILL makes me happy! :) HA! He was doing his nervous dance the whole time!
    Anyway! It was a great game. The girls did wonderful!

  5. Libby - is now married happily to Isaac Michael and has a nephew - Tristan. Also, she plays along side Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh playing beach volleyball. She is captain.



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