Change is something I have never been too good at. I can remember when I went to Kansas City for Master's Commission. I could never call home because I would start to weep right when my mom picked up and said, "Hello?". . . . . . .

Yesterday----> ONE OF THE MOST EMOTIONAL DAYS OF MY LIFE. I am sure that being pregnant did not help me at all with my tears.

My baby sister, Libby & her husband, Isaac left for college. They go to Liberty University, in Virginia.

Zach and I are planning a trip out to South Carolina to see Isaac run at Nationals. We will have a baby by then. I am sure I won't be able to hold Tristan when Libby comes around. :) She is sewing him a quilt right now. It is adorable. It is of different puppies. She is very proud of it and I am proud she even knows how to do that. How did that talent skip me????

It is crazy to me to think that I will have a baby boy in my arms in the next week or so.
Sad that Libby won't be here. I am going to have my ichat up for her RIGHT after I deliver so she can see him! [Thank you GOD for MAC's.]

Anyway, I am going to try and not think about her being gone.... or me being without a car and being stuck in the house. (another story for another day)

Hope your day is not filled with tears OR too much CHANGE for you.



  1. There is ONE change I can't wait for...and that is that OTHER people (meaning ME) can hold your baby! :) Can't wait for baby boy fox to come into this world. I'm patient to wait...I want good healthy lungs...and God knows his Bday! So I'll wait...praying for you sister! :)

  2. Beka...I feel the same, less emotional, and not expecting a babyyyyy!! haha but my little brother left for college :( I'm sitting here waiting for him to get home at 12:30 like always, except he will not. :( That makes me very sad. And obviously I have a big change too!! GOsh!! I'm gonna miss you & hope I see Tristan before I leave. Here's an idea, have him TOMORROW so i will see him over the weekend, maybe? haha idk.

  3. Booka.. I know exactly how you feel. I will miss you (and DO) miss you so much. I have so many things to tell you when I get a chance. Remember when I sobbed at your house the other day due to PMS? well, it has hit again. I loveee you. That baby is going to ba sooo special. He's got Phillips blood in him. ;) Love you, sister.


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