Saturday, March 28, 2009

.."One of those days"...

I am 17 weeks along.(4 months +)  I have a doctor's visit next week. 
Will we find out what we are having??
Boy? Girl? 
We shall see very soon. 

My belly has really started to do the "pop" thing. NOT DRASTIC yet, but I am sure well on its way. 

Do you ever have "One of those days".........
Where EVERYTHING is jumping out at you? Peoples words? Peoples looks? The sight of yourself in the mirror? 
I don't know if it is just the HORMONES raging or what is going on?  
So right now..... 
I am sitting in the house with my music up SUPER loud! I am trying to beat out whatever is going on..... 

Hope your day is filled with LOVE & a THANKFUL heart!!!

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