Gidget. My sweet, sweet, adorable doggy-Gidget! 
She is a miniature poodle. She is energetic, playful, loves kids, loves to cuddle, & loves licking your toes. She will be 1 year old soon. SO I thought I would let her be apart of my blog. 
Alright... another reason why I am bloggin about her is because I miss her so much. Our landlords said we could have her live with us if we would put 1,200 down. Yep, 1, 2 0 0 . I won't go into how ridiculous that is, but there are days when I want to pay that JUST to have her with me. She is living with my high school volleyball coach as of right now. I really do pray she lives with us one day. She is the sweetest
 dog in the world. I have always loved dogs, not GIANT SLOBBERY dogs.   I love the smaller ones. I love black dogs. I don't know why I love them so,but I do. 
Would you like to know the best thing about Gidget? When people come to the door.... Gidget  doesn't make a noise. My Aunt Nettie had 2 dogs that would just BARK and BARK when someone came to the door. 
ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES is when a dog continuously barks at someone. 
I truly love Gidget. I have never loved a dog like Gidget. My hubby loves Gidget. My sisters both love Gidget. My bro loves Gidget. Everyone loves Gidget. She really is the best dog in the world. 
I am sorry that you just had to read this blog of me crying about missing my dog.
Someday- Gidget will be back in our home. I hope someday soon. 


  1. Poor Beka! Hope you get your puppy back soon!

  2. :( I miss my Lola too! Well not right now, she is at the end of my bed :) but I know the feeling cuz I can't live w/ her..and I want her to sooo bad :( Lo doesn't bark at people either thank goodness..That is why her and gidget are buddies!


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