Dancin' Fool!

Melissa is my girl. No. I haven't met her. I don't plan on meeting her, but she is my girl. I will be on TEAM MELISSA for the rest of my days. 

Okay. The reason for my blog today is this......
My dear sister, Rachel, called to inform me of some GREAT NEWS!!!!!

Melissa is going to be on DANCING WITH THE STARS. 
I am now a fan of Dancing with the Stars. I will not be watching Bachelor, so why not start watching a different show? 

What do you think girls? 

Is it a good thing that Melissa is back on TV...so soon? 

What are your thoughts...... 


  1. YES! I've just become a big fan. :) Is this a voting show? Where you text your votes in? How sad that I don't know this! BUT, if it is.........

    I'm voting! With my phone and Wil's!

  2. It totally is a voting show and its kinda fun to watch! Good to know! Love ya!!


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