Bachelor Night

The new Bachelorette- That's what I think & I wouldn't mind that AT ALL!
She has a bubbly personality, a beaming smile, gorgeous hair, & love her style! 

Tonight is the night......
Who will this Beast of a MAN pick???
 I haven't been a BIG fan of this Jason character. I want to know what happened with his X-wife. What went wrong? Where is she and what is she thinking about these final 2 picks?

If the rumors are true.... 
Melissa gets the ring for a little while, but Molly gets it in the end.
I will blog more later..... my heart is too heavy right now....

Who wouldn't love this darling girl? 


  1. Part of me can't wait to see what happens. The other part of me...doesn't want Melissa on TV heart-broken. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    Part of me believes it to be true.

    Part of me wants to find the good in people.

    I'm torn.

  2. Yesss...I am dreading it too. Boo.
    Come to my blog after for a good chat-it-up time with the girls.


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