Woaaa. Baby!

Today is the day Zach & I have our 1st ultrasound of the "Baby Blueberry"... Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. I have so many emotions running through me. 

Anxious, scared, happy, excited, nervous, overwhelmed, THRILLED, etc. 

My appointment is at 1 o'clock. I am sick to my stomach to see that it is already 10 a.m. 

I leave in 2 hours. 
Questions are running through my head....What if I'm really not pregnant?
What if I am expecting TWINS?  What if something is wrong with the baby?

What if they can't find a heartbeat? What if, What if, WHAT IF!!!  

I hear these are quite normal questions running through the Mommy's head. 
www.babycenter.com has really helped me with a lot of these questions. My friend, Kristen, brought over "What to expect when you are expecting..." THAT book is a MUST read for any future mommy! It has so many different situations women have gone through during their pregnancy's. Every woman is different, I can tell you that. I have many friends that are pregnant right now or just had their babies. Some got horrible morning sickness, some didn't have it at all. I repeat.... EVERYONE is different. 

Well, It is almost time. Did I mention that we are having a 3D ultrasound? Our doctor says, "it's my favorite "toy" at the hospital." :) 

Here is a baby at 10 weeks in the mommy's stomach. :) 

You learn so much when you go through it! I know more about my body than I did before! :)

Well.... I'm off to drink more water. :) 


  1. Auntie Rae loves shim already! Can't wait to meet Baby Blueberry! God has big things instore for the Baby B! Can't wait to see and hold Baby B! (Um...since I got to hold you 1st...does that mean that I get to hold this baby 1st before JP and Libby!?) Just checking!!!!!


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