Super Bowl Party!

What an AWESOME game!!!  It was such a great way to start the 2009 year! :) hee hee! I love, love, LOVE football. Honestly, I didn't care WHO took the trophy/rings home. I just loved being with my Zacharia, friends, & FOOD! :) We went over to our friend Jerry & Roxxie's huge mansion of a house. Everyone in there was cheering for the Cardinals, except 3 people...

1. Meagan Miller (her dad's FAVORITE team) 
2. Jamie Z. (Best friend of mine)
3. ME! :) (I wanted to go against the crowd and really get on the boys' nerves)

I know you are probably thinking... How could you go against Kurt Warner? 
Well, I don't watch football enough to know who Kurt Warner is.   HA! I am a girly girl. I would rather paint my nails than OR take a nap on Sundays! 
 Oh and I successfully got on their nerves. Bryce, Jacob, & Dbo were all wanting to kill me by the end of the night! 

Anyway, I had so much fun last night! I wish that the Super Bowl was 2 times a year! It was a good night. Except for some of the ridiculous commercials!!! 

WHAT ON EARTH?!?!?!?!  They were horrible! I would say that Pepsi did a good job! 
Although I am not a fan of PEPSI.... I love me some Dr. Pepper....

With baby news... I go February 9th to have my sonogram and ultrasound done! I am super excited about that! I am 9 weeks along and I notice my body changing!!! It is amazing how God created us! 

Okay.... Off to cook dinner for the hubby! 

Love to you all,