Stressed is DESSERTS spelled BACKWARDS.

 It is that time of year again where I become so stressed that my eczema breaks out on my hands. Why am I so stressed, you might ask?

1) Student Convention.  Lighthouse Academy goes to Macomb, Illinois to compete at Regional Student Convention. It is SO MUCH fun! I would MUCH rather be competing than helping. BUT, My time is over in high school. So I will be the pregnant music teacher for now.   :) 
2) FLU SEASON!! So many people have not been coming to school because of the FLU! 

Take yesterday morning for example, Taylor & Lily, both 2nd graders at Lighthouse Ac
ademy, came to send the night at my house Saturday night. Sunday morning came and I was feeling really sick, so the girls got up with ZACH and went to get breakfast. I was getting Taylor ready for church, when she looked up and said, "Beka, I don't feel to well!(now screaming) I WANT MY MOMMY!" I instantly said, "Go to the bathroom and I will be right there. " 
WELL, right on que she started RUNNING to the bathroom and missed the toilet, multiple times. It was like she was trying to miss it, she hit EVERYTHING else, except for the toilet.
So there I am, having a case of MORNING sickness, trying to CLEAN up the vomit everywhere. I found my sleeping mask I use at times, to put around my mouth,  so I wouldn't  start throwing up.  Everything got clean & Zach came for Lily. I sat with Taylor on the couch watching," Meet the Robinsons". Her family came to pick her up and then I was off to church.  
(Oh, the JOYS of parenting! I can't wait!) 

Anyway, Try to stay stress free.... :)


  1. I just washed my hands! Loved your post...and can't wait until your baby is here.

  2. I'm torpedoing the germs right down the sink thanks to your post. :-)

    Hey you can check out your Marmee's blog at That way we can keep in touch a little better. Ha!

    Love you, Marms


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