Sleepy Saturday

 I take naps on Saturday. Off and on all day. Today is not any different. I am going to take a nap after this blog. I thought I would put up a picture I found to share with you all.... 
I want to know.......
How does this picture make you feel?

Me? It makes me feel like going and buying some Starburst!!!! YUM!

Have a Sleepy Saturday! 

chow! :) 


  1. Ah...I love that picture...because of the COLOR!

    Enjoy your nap! HEY! Do you want to go to T and T sometime this coming week?! I haven't been there FOREVER!

  2. OK! T and T it is! Can't wait!

    YES...about this ending of the Bachelor...DO you want to come over to my house Monday night and watch it with me?! OH my word...I'm mad already too. NOT a good way to end the show for me!

  3. this pic.


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