It's a...... BABY! :)

It was a very special time in my life to see my baby's body pop up on the screen of the ultrasound computer. I already know that this baby has A LOT of personality & can dance.

 Baby Blueberry is what I call her/him. I was so, so, SO, sick in the beginning of my 1st trimester and the baby was only the size of a BLUEBERRY!  So, I have decided to follow the "Hollywood crowd" and name my child after food. (Apple, CoCo, Syrup, etc) 

Blueberry Fox, has a ring to it, don't you think? 

When Baby B* came up on the screen, B* started dancing and waving at us. My mom, Zach, the Nurse, & Doctor all were laughing so hard about how much the baby was moving. Instantly--I thought....BOY!!!! But then remembered I have a sister named ....LIBBY... She is the most energetic person you will ever meet. She loves to dance, perform plays, & sing her best. :) So... I guess I should say it could be a girl? (If I have a girl 1st it won't be a bad thing, the department  stores are having some REALLY cute clothes out right now.) 
Boy or Girl... I pray my baby has lots of hair. I love when babies come out with lots of hair and when they KEEP IT. :)  

This is Baby Blueberry's very first picture. Baby B* instantly waved at us and started to shake her/his booty. (We will have to chat about that when "shim" comes out.) 

It was such a joyous time. I am so happy to see the baby moving and to hear/see the heart beating so hard & strong. Praise the Lord!!! 

Tomorrow is the "DAY OF LOVE".... 

I am so happy that I have the ONE & only for me to spend the day with tomorrow. We are attending the Valentines Banquet at our church. It is going to be so much with all of our friends at our table. 

I'm off to take a nap.... this baby and weather is making me tired. :)