DAY 1:

Monday morning I woke up and I knew that the 7 week mark had hit me. Not because of the calendar or my phone alarm going off, but because of the horrible nausea I was having.  My new, favorite website let me know that week 7 would be the MOTHER of all weeks, the most horrible of them all. It is because my little baby was the size of a bean in week 6 and NOW in week 7 is the size of a BLUEBERRY! A blueberry!!! I have decided that if this is a girl...I am going to JOIN Hollywood and name my child a FOOD..... Blueberry Fox. :) (I am kidding of course)  I already have my baby names picked out!! And Zach is right there with me. :) Boy names and girl names. 
Well, I tried to get up and get ready for school/work, but I just couldn't even STAND. I laid in bed until noon rolled around and made my way to the couch where my laptop, "The Dark Knight" (named by my husband) was waiting for me. I caught up on all of my tv shows. :)  or :) 
Zach brought me some Sprite and Potato Oles home from Taco Johns. I ate 3. 15 minutes later... it was done. My stomach was completely done. I will leave out what happened for the next HOUR!!!! (Let's just say HELLO BATHROOM FLOOR) 

So... here I am. DAY 2!!! 

Lets just say HELLO couch and movies. :)