It is almost time! Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This is my 1st Thanksgiving as a married woman! : ) We will be celebrating it with my family at my parents house. : ) I am so thrilled to have found Zach. He is a blessing in more ways than 1. He really is a blessing to me and my whole family.

The youth group is growing so much. I know it is because of God living in Zach. He is a world changer. :) 

I am so thankful for him. I can't say that enough. Many people have looked down on the quote, " I have found the man that holds my whole heart..." 

People say.... "Don't give a boy your heart...."

Well, I say...... "Don't give any boy your heart, give THE ONE boy your heart. "
He has mine........: )
I guess you could say......  " I am just counting my blessings!" 

Happy Thanksgiving!