8 down-1 to go!

My Best Friend, Jessica is getting married in December.  
December 6th.
I am going this weekend to her Bridal SHOWER! I love bridal showers!!!
Weddings excite me! :) 
I am SO excited for her big day! She was apart of mine and I will be apart of hers. Just like we always planned at her Lakeside house. :) 
This will be my 6th time to be a bridesmaid. I LOVE being a bridesmaid! I don't mind it at all!
 I love seeing the different styles coming out! It just lights up my soul! :) 

Some people tell me I should go into the wedding business. . . . . 

If I could.... I would be a "Wedding Singer" ! Yes, I love singing at weddings more than, I love being a bridesmaid. I love hearing what song a bride will pick for when she walks down the aisle. I love LIVE music at a wedding! I love hearing the instruments, the girl/guy they chose to sing their "Song". 

There have been a lot of weddings this past year. [2008] 
Missa & Mike [suppose to sing, but daddy had surgery]
 Erin & Rick[bridesmaid]
Shanna & her Marine : ) 
Rachel & Wil [Maid of Honor & Singer]
Zach & I get hitched! [bride & Singer]
Shawn & Bethany [Maid of Honor/wedding singer] IN California!
Dannielle & Joe [ wedding singer]
Jessica & Nick [bridesmaid]

I already have 4 weddings in my datebook for next year! : )

I would post them, but some are "still in the works" and I don't want my blog to give it away!

Anyway... I love weddings....

now if I only had a new dress to wear to these weddings...